Success Rate

In contract year 2011/12 we delivered over 1,100 Retail qualifications with a success rate of 80% achievements. Whilst there was no requirement in this contract year for job outcomes, we achieved over 30% into employment.

In contract year 2012/13 a cap was imposed by January 2013, by SFA and was re-started in May and this resulted in carry over learners into the contract year 13/14. Achievements rates from August 2013 to July 2014 were 84%.

Since commencement with Avanta Enterprise in 2011, our contract value has grown each year, allowing for SFA budgetary restrictions imposed on Avanta. This is due to our success rates on average 90% achievement, and performance on audit currently 100%.

In May 2014 we negotiated a contract with Manchester College to deliver training through SFA as all learners had to cpmplete by 31st July, courses offered were mainly functional skills English and maths. Our overall achievement rate is 99%, which again is due to learner retention. We are also currently working with Manchester College to set-up a retail outlet within Styal prison to deliver retail training and qualifications to their clients.

Currently, as of October 2014 our success rate for achievement is 84%.